Our house- before

So before I get blogging, I figure I should probably show the house as it was when we purchased. It had several updates, looked really great especially for the price. It had new carpeting, fresh paint, and had just had a garden redone by the landscaper owner. I felt like the kitchen could use a little more updating, but it was all cosmetic. 
There were a few issues with the boiler but we decided to go ahead and purchase. We had some issues, but finally closed on the house shortly before my daughter was born.
The going is slow but steady – we tend to do one large project year, and we try to do some small projects during the year if we can. Money is tight, so this might not get updated too often, but whenever I do something I promise it will be posted!
So without further ado, here is our before photos. I will also make any comments on things that weren’t quite in as good condition as it have you believe in the photos.

So here it is from the outside! The newly done garden was really nice, especially since it’s located on a hill that’s pretty unusable. It seems silly to have grass on a steep slope leading to a road within a few feet, no fun to be had there! So why not remove the chore of lawnmowing? And I’ve always wanted to double in gardening, so I had a great start! The porch needed a lot of work, but for now we thought it would do.

A few more pictures of the outside, as you can see the garden isn’t perfect, and behind the house is completely overgrown. It’s not a very large yard, so from the start my plan was to clear out a lot of the brush so that it would at least look a bit larger. It’s also a lot of ledge and unusable space, so my first thought was to try to put in some tiered Gardens so that I could at least make it functional.

Here’s the kitchen! The first couple of photos where there is no furniture and it’s a little dirty or from the sale before me to the woman who was trying to fix it up. She staged it well and cleaned everything up which is the next few photos. As you can see, the standard builders grade cabinets and the weird green laminate or not the prettiest in the world,  but they were functional. A couple spots were damaged, but I wasn’t too concerned with that. I am mediately knew from the Pinterest find that I wanted to redo the counters with wood, and simply paint the cabinets to a cream or off-white color. The glass door and the windows in this room we’re not very good! It was something we wouldn’t find out for another year, but we immediately upon moving in notice this room was incredibly drafty. The windows were one of the only ones that have been replaced yet, and the door has been replaced by a previous owner and we suspected it was not installed properly. We had many aunt problems around this door, so my suspicion was that it was not properly sealed or perhaps there was a nest in the wall. But that’s another story!

The only photo I could find online of our bathroom before hand is blurry and doesn’t show the bathtub and shower off to the right, since it is a very tiny bathroom so I’m sure they were unable to fit anything in one picture. The next picture is the only one I can find depicting the front door and the stairwell, and it’s also a decent shot showing the New carpeting and new paint – all very neutral and great to make a sale, but not exactly what we wanted in our family home. The plan eventually? To rip up the carpet and either refinish the wood floors underneath, or put new wood over it if it was not in great condition. We also we’re thinking of painting this area and the living room a pale green, leaning towards a mint.
That’s about all I have for cheer before pics, though I will always try to post updated once before and after each project!
Thanks for stopping by!