The first section of flooring is done! We still have to put on the quarter rounds to block the gaps on the edges (we decided to do this instead of removing and then reapplying the base molding after) but we will do that when all the sections are done.

So this area was the biggest and most complex. It’s part of the original structure and has had walls removed around a central chimney vent, making what is kind of like a large room with some odd walls in the middle. Or two rooms connected on both ends by short “hallway” of like a couple feet? But it’s all pretty open. However lots of little wall ends here there and everywhere made for lots of very particular wood cuts! And of course it can’t all line up right 😂 overall though, much easier than I had anticipated, and Kennedy (3 year old daughter) was happy to only disturb us a few times trying to help- I was impressed!

So here is our baseboards left after we tore up the old carpeting! We picked out flooring that had everything it needed (padding and moisture barrier) attached to the boards, so do note that if you do this yourself you may need to get those and lay it down first!

We started out pretty slow, learning how to piece it all together- we definitely goofed on a few, but we worked together to catch mistakes quick and soon had a good system going

(Early on Mickey was our supervisor… 😉 )

We had minimal tools as newish homeowners with low funds- we borrowed a friends miter saw, used another friends table saw when needed (was too bulky so it stayed at their place and we only used it when absolutely necessary) and beyond that we used hand saws, clamps, and a dremel…. if you have more tools, or at least a more square room, it’ll be much easier for you!

So roger and I took turns measuring and trimming the odd pieces.

Once we got past awkward corners like this one, it flew by and was done fast.

The pieces have grooves that fit together and with a tap click into place. Instead of buying a lot with special tools, roger used a small scrap piece, put the groove into the groove of the board on the floor, and used a regular hammer to tap it all into place. This worked great! Later we borrowed a friends purchased tools and I found our way to even be a bit easier- except when it came to end boards which I will show later!

A close up of the edge of our scrap piece 

Mickey enjoyed the process greatly…

And so did Kennedy!

We were able to pump out this section in one Sunday evening, and I decided I would continue to work on it alone during the weekdays while roger was at work. Kennedy was super good and patient and even helpful, so I figured… lets do this!

So the next day I finished by the front door

Don’t need no man to put down floors! Haha!

Now this part was annoying, but I just did measurements and some quick mockups to make it so the edge of one board lined up at one of the more awkward spots, so there was less specific cutting involved 

Nailed it! Not literally…. these are floating floors 😉


So throughout the week I did a few boards here, a few boards there, and had gotten all but the last few rows done by the next weekend. 

I did run into an issue where once we got past th middle wall and had to reconnect with the other room, the boards weren’t lining up exactly. I did them the best I could, and tried to spread out any gaps so they would be tiny, but in a few inconspicuous areas. I will be filling that with laminate flooring glue once we’re completely done. Above  is a picture showing the largest one, which I do believe I managed to reduce even further in the end! I’ll have to update on that when everything is completed 

That weekend we finished the last few rows and used a borrowed table saw to finish up! It’s a dream to clean, and even weeks later I’m adoring it. It feels cleaner and bigger in the house, and Kennedy enjoys being able to roll her toy cars around.
As far as the kitchen section goes, it had a huge raises area in the middle, with about an inch difference on either side, so we had to get a leveling compound and mix it up much like cement, lay it on the areas to provide a raised base. 

^this is behind our fridge, in case you are wondering 

Mickey helped out. 🙄🤷‍♀️
We’re currently waiting for payday since we underestimated the amount of the compound we’d need- come Wednesday we will buy more and lay it, hopefully then we can tackle and punch out the kitchen. I can’t wait to take a picture of our kitchen with the cabinets and counter, paired with the lovely floor! The kitchen I think is the room that’s had the most changes, and with more in planning to come. It’s such a central location for us, since we use the sliding door from the kitchen to the deck. 

After that we will be determining whether or not we have enough wood to also do our laundry room, which will be interesting to say the least! Roger currently had a wrist injury so he is unable to lift, so I’ve been doing the heavy lifting. I don’t think I can do the washer and dryer! 

Oh well. We shall see!
Thanks for dropping in! More to come for sure!


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