Brush garden arbor

So this past week I found inspiration. I had long since had an idea to use some of our wild overgrowth behind our house to build some rustic looking items, perhaps a trellis, etc! But I happened to stumble upon an image of a very lovely arbor built out of logs. Now these were sand blasted and finished, but it inspires me just the same! I wanted rustic- branches with some dead leaves, perhaps dry olive vine wrapped around it, with jute tying the pieces together… I’d move my rose bushes (that like to lean and twist on things, though they aren’t vines) there and guide them through it…

I did it!

It’s hard to photograph, at least with my cell phone, so I’ll have to try with the real camera sometime soon with an update, perhaps with some images of some other brush projects (other ideas: still thinking trellis, perhaps a bench if I have enough large pieces, a little free library!)
This style isn’t for everyone! But I can’t imagine having a thick wooden structure in my small garden, with lush full plants and not much interference. It would feel like too much to me! But this, this works! And several neighbors who saw me working on it stopped to gush about how much they loved it ❤ have I mentioned I love living here? 

Now I just need to catch up on the weeding I’ve been neglecting! Oops.
Anywho, that’s all for now!


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