Garden! Plus stairwell redo and carpet removal updates!

Hooray! It’s finally gardening season! Well ok, it’s been gardening season for a month or two supposedly, but since it keeps getting really cold and then raining for a week straight I haven’t been able to actually get out much.
In that time I attempted to keep an aloe plant alive inside… and did so for a month! Fighting with my cats every step of the way! But it finally happened, they got at it and destroyed it, ate the best plant and knocked it off the shelf I had stashed it on, and then of COURSE they vomited it up everywhere, but I digress….

Anywho, the point of that was to lead into this. I wanna have indoor plants- specifically I would love to keep fresh herbs for cooking! But I KNOW my cats and I know they’ll eat them. So I had an idea… using some old jars I had floating around and some of my waxed string from tie dye fun. 
Ta da! 

I whipped it up quick so do ignore the lop sided one and unevenness. I’m just excited to finally have something the cats can’t destroy!!!! Let’s see how long I can keep it alive without the cats to blame, now 😉

And now we finally have sunny days!! To enjoy my perennial garden

I redid our stone steps since they were done pretty poorly by former owner- they were wobbly and unsafe, especially with a 3 year old running around. I also rearranged it a bit- wish I had a good before photo! I’ll have to look and try to add one in later. 

Basically before it went down with less curve and ended up being engulfed by the bottom left bush.

And due to a random early heat wave quickly followed by super cold weather…. I think my clematis is gone 😦 so now I need to replace it because it was supposed to be the “centerpiece” of my nice lil mailbox garden 


The back hill is still wildly overgrown, but it’s showing more and more hidden treasures the more overgrowth I cut back! Like the Solomon seal and lilacs of course 🙂

Below is a top view of my property- white outline is property, plus white around house, shed, deck, and driveway. Pink in front was my main focus previously. Black is current focus, while I continue to toy with orange as my daughters future play area, and slowly clear brush and debris from blue and green.

Front pano of yard ^^

Pic as of mid may of main garden below

And look at this cute baby red bellied snake I found while weeding!!! He’s adorable

Here’s a glimpse of what my front garden looked like around April 2 years ago- not the same angle I usually use but still… big difference, huh? I’m proud!

And here’s a before and after (before bottom, after top) of the corner of my yard that will one day be my daughters space. ClEaned up a bit but definitely not done! This is taken the same day 2 years apart around April. I should take a pic now, it looks even better just a couple months later!

That’s about it for gardening right now, it’s always an ongoing project!

As for my stairwell, we had to put it on hold due to high lead levels 😦 they come by in a couple of days to give us a more accurate screening and tell us where exactly it’s located (if it’s in trim, on the raisers, all of it…) and we’ll determine what we’re going to do then.

Oh. And also…. 

We tore up all the carpet on the ground floor! Wooo! Next step putting in our laminate wood 🙂 we’re making plans for later this month hopefully? If not then, definitely July! 

Enjoy these pics of the subflooring under the carpet of our living room… ew

Ugliest tile remnant I’ve ever seen ^

They painted stuff on it, so this is what most of it looks like…


That’s about all for now… excited to get those floors in! Will update once we find out more!


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