Fake a built in kitchen Bench

Wanna fake a lovely built in bench for your dining room or kitchen?

I had a strange epiphany while I was trying to figure out how to have a built in without blocking my baseboard heating in the same area…. a coffee table. I had a very wide, but rather ugly coffee table that I had acquired to hold an old fish tank. I had since upgraded my fish tank and it now had its own stand, so no need for this junky old coffee table I found at goodwill for $25. It hit me that it was the perfect height to sit on, and that it was the perfect width to fit under the double windows where I wanted my built in bench to go. Now, in the future I want to have a back on it, but for now… why the heck not??

So I did some measurements for the width and depth for some cushion making! You could also just purchase some cushions, but I enjoy crafts so Why not save a few bucks? Our kitchen has a red/burgandy theme going on, so I found some clearance faux leather with some… sort of suede-y parts on it? I’m not sure what the fabric is considered, I just went on a fabric-touching spree, and this was the winner!



I decided not to put any zippers, but its easy enough to do if thats what you want. I just whipped them up real quick, nothing fancy and certainly not award winning or anything close to it.

I also grabbed three pillows and some soft, fuzzy cream fabric to tie into our cream cabinets. I needed some nice fluffy pillows since the bench had no back, so you’d be leaning back and hitting the window sill.. ouch.


above is a picture of the cushions – some creases since I got lazy and didn’t iron them first… whoops. But still. Loving it!

Going to be honest… i still haven’t finished the cushions. I got distracted. BUT! I will finish them and update this spring! It’s on my list so I don’t forget. They’re currently uncovered but still sitting by our table.


Did I mention… its toddler and kitty approved?


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