Compost Bin

I saw SO MANY neat pinterest things about a compost bin… and I threw together a piece of crap. But you know what? IT WORKS.

As a stay at home mom who is trying to get her own business going, I’m pretty busy. I also have LOTS of hobbies that take a lot of my time. So, I knew perfectly well that I was not going to be doing hot composting. Flipping and rotating it, and making sure to put in a certain amount of “hot” items as well as plant debris, etc… yeah, I knew that wasn’t for me.

I decided that I was going with cold compost… which is basically just throwing all of your compost and letting it sit. No cares, no worries. But it takes longer- with hot compost you could have good fertilizer for your garden within months (if that)… and cold compost takes a year if not more to break down enough to be like a soil, a good fertilizer for plants.

For me, I simply acquired two extra long pallets (you could do different sizes, or go with 4 regular sized ones, etc). I decided to build it onto the back of my shed, which is already hidden behind my house, so I really couldn’t care less if its ugly! I cut one of the long pallets in half (so it was the size of two regular pallets). I put the two small ones sticking out from my shed, and the long one along the front. Tada! I left the bottom open to the dirt, so that bugs and worms could get in and help speed up the decomposition. I intended to eventually put some sort of a top on it to keep out any larger animals, but so far I haven’t gotten around to it (and i haven’t really needed it, thankfully!)


Its easy to do, cuts back on the trash we throw away (and PAY to throw away… Gah.) and hey, a little extra fertilizer for the garden is never a bad thing!!

I’m a goof and somehow don’t have ANY pictures of it directly.. I swear I do somewhere, but alas, this was all I could find… Behind my daughter (who is climbing up THE steepest part of this hill… what a mountain goat.) is the shed, and the pallets are my compost bin.




Just to show you how cheap and easy it can be to have compost!


Also, just to address a concern I hear very often… compost truly doesn’t stink. I can barely ever smell anything, and I have to be RIGHT beside it, deliberately sniffing. And I throw everything in there. My neighbors are close (as you can see) and on another side they are RIGHT beside me. We keep a small composting bucket right by our door for when we don’t feel like walking behind the house to the bin, and that one we do keep shut, but even then we smell nothing. I would have zero concerns, even with houses right on top of another, about smell being a disturbance. But if you are really concerned, don’t let it stop you! Simply consider being more selective in what items you put in the compost. I’ve read that you can avoid meats and dairy, since they tend to cause more smell. Again, I’ve disposed of EVERYTHING that could possibly be composted in my pile, and never had any smell. But perhaps if you use a lot, and dispose of a lot of it too, then it might get a smell. So, in that case, Simply avoid the items that tend to cause more smell! I think anyone can compost!

In this case, the project costed us nothing. Even if you have to buy your own wood and screws and screwdriver, this is a very inexpensive project, that saves you money in the long run.


Do it! Dive in!


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