Replacing Kitchen Windows and Door

in 2015 we decided to use our larger than usual tax return (since it was our first year after purchasing our home) to fix some of the issues we had been noticing. We decided first to replace the windows in the kitchen – they were a large double window that still had the original wood, one of only two windows in the whole home that hadn’t yet been replaced. The other window is a custom window in the bathroom that we have been putting off due to the cost it will likely be… eek. Someday!

We decided to also get rid of the door, which opened into the room in an odd way in our opinion, and had no screen door (and no matter what we did, we couldn’t find one that would properly fit!) which drove me nuts since we have two indoor cats. I wanted to be able to open the door and let air in during the nice summer months. we had also noticed during the previous summer an increasing ant problem – we didn’t know it was related to the door, but during the process we would discover its connection.

[[dear friends- from this point on my shift key randomly stopped working… so excuse my unusual typing… lack of exclamation points, lowercase typing for the most part except when it decides to work… hopefully i’ll get a new keyboard shortly. oi.]]

this was not a diy project, so I’m sorry to say I have no real details. the project cost about $1800 with labor and materials. We decided to hire out because we knew this would be hard with our house – it is VERY crooked and old, and we knew the owners had installed this door with who knows how many issues. In the end we’re very glad we did, because we found many issues from a previous owner’s diy door.  not only was the door not sealed in [hence the ant problem. they had easy access in and out], but they had left no room for the wood to expand and contract- the wood frame of the door had been jammed in and it was a struggle to remove it.

putting in the new door was pretty painless, though it took a lot to make sure it was level [since it was a sliding door, this was a bit of an important factor i guess]. and we did have an issue with the lock not lining up after a few weeks, but since we went through lowes for the installation, they came to fix it free of charge. we loved the guys who came to install it and have seen them for some of our future projects as well. if the cost doesn’t deter you, i highly recommend it.

here are some pictures from the project


unfortunately above is the only before picture i have for a ‘before’… and it doesn’t show the windows which were off to the right [you can barely see the edge of the trim for them]. but the windows didntl look terribly different from far away anyway. they were wood, however, and old.. and drafty. the door is where the big visual differences come in.


heres a picture from the process… how strange it is to simply have nothing but a hole in your wall. haha


^ here are the new windows – much better insulated, and much easier to use, too.


^and better yet… our new doors. they let in more light, slide open so it doesn’t use kitchen space to open [which we really hated before] and it has a working screen… thank goodness.


baby approved….


and kitty approved

we have yet to actually paint the trim, which we really should do… but we’ve been putting off a kitchen repaint in which i thought we would simply paint it all at once.  perhaps some day i’ll get off my bum and do that 😉

thats all for now… have a few more ‘old’ projects i will be sharing before i catch up to myself. see you soon


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